Holy Smoke. Just to demonstrate how to capture smoke photography.

Burning incense stick. Since prehistoric times people in many religions have burned sacrifices and incense as an offering to various deities. The smoke would be intended as a specific holy gift for a god or goddess. As a result, some people have referred to the smoke from these sacrifices as “holy smoke.”

Holy smoke

If you are interested in smoke photography there are a few tips to ensure:

Use telephoto lens. Aperture around (f no:4 to 5.6) Shutter speed above 1/30 sec. ISO around 400 to 800. Emanating smoke should be perfectly back lit means light should fall on the smoke from the back. Make sure the back ground is poorly lit and the focus is perfectly placed on the smoke. Try it indoor and be sure to switch off fans if any. Still atmosphere without any wind gives better results.


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