Photo Stories

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Photo Stories:

Right from the old age of reading printed books or the present era of high-tech Internet, we all have been saying a story with a series of images describing about an event, product, nature, wild or pet animals or anything for that matter. Many photos can have the power to stand alone as a story.

A photo story is about one person, place or situation. It’s the most intimate of the afore mentioned photo storytelling methods because it means the photographer is focusing on one character or scene, and letting viewers live through the photos. It may also be noted that Photo stories does not mean taking a few rapid photos of an event or a situation which doesn’t convey any substance and it need not have any time limit. In my Photo stories listed below you will see images that took less than 10 min and some nature / tree images of seasonal changes recording have taken more than a month.

List of Photo Stories:

1. White Trumpt Tree –

2.KOI the colorful & Human friendly Fishes: –

3.The Power of Monkey’s Jaws:

4.Amateur and part time fishing:

5. Is it true that the Hippo sweats blood?

6. Indian ancient Palm leaf inscriptions:-

7. Exquisite Gloriosa Lily: